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Services We Offer:


Offering a wide range of patient services:

  • For Abortion Clinic in Your City
  • Prevention it Before it Too Late

  • If Quick and Pain Safe Option

  • Work/School/Travel Exams

  • 100% Abortion Success Rate‎

  • Only Abortion Pills that Works

  • Call Termination Clinic in Mzansi

  • How to Order Abortion Pills
  • How Get Free Delivery of Pills

  • Where to Find a Clinic Near You

  • Safe and Most Effective

  • Rand Branch Abortion Clinic 

  • Available Eastern Cape

  • Up to 15 weeks Also Available 

Side Effects of Pills
  • Symptoms of nausea, vomiting and tiredness usually stop within 3 days of an abortion.

General Information

  • We are one of the few practice that offer complete personalized services; 

Access All All Type of Abortion Pills:


  1. Fairly Effective 
  2. Up to 26 Weeks
  3. Pregnancy Calculator
  4. Medical Abortion
        Top Clinic Services:

This is when abortion pills will be swallowed to end the pregnancy.

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